Monopoly Meets HGTV: The Transmedia Bible

The Monopoly project was done with the blessing of Hasbro, the copyright holders of the Monopoly game. The class was divided into four groups, each of which developed their concept for a Monopoly transmedia project. This PDF is the work of Maggie Mitchell, Gabrielle Jones and Jason Kunzman.

Fyre Festival II

With an original festival that was a PR disaster, landed founders in jail, and became the pinnacle of ‘what not to do when creating a music festival,’ we knew we had our work cut out for us. Together we created a plan to relaunch the Fyre Festival II as a benefit festival, hoping to change perceptions of the brand and benefit a community that was not only hurt through the original festival process, but has also undergone a severely detrimental hurricane.

The “Big Transmedia Group Project”

Explore student content from multiple classrooms of the Fall 2019 CMDA 320 section.  Explore projects focused on reinvention of a client’s critical needs, mental health awareness, student loan debt and a new take on the MTV Video Music Awards.

How can stories make people take action?

Explore student content from the Spring 2019 CMDA 320 section focusing on millennial festival culture,  gender harmony, wage gaps and residential life issues. Dr. Tara Conley’s class asks her students “What does the future of storytelling look like?”

Using Transmedia in the Classroom

Professor Larry Weiner’s Spring Transmedia class created a Professional Development workshop for a small group of educators, which not only included presentations on transmedia for use in the classroom, but also provided with an ebook that expanded on the in-person visit.

The purpose of the workshop, and book, was to show how educators could employ techniques to increase their students’ interest and participation in the study of art, music, history, literature, film, theater and nonfiction. The material presented was based on the students’ study of Henry Jenkins “The Seven Principles of Educational Use of Transmedia.”

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