CMDA 320 - Fall 2019

Student Projects

This course explores the possibilities and opportunities of transmedia and immersive storytelling through class discussions, case studies, and supervised project experience.

Fyre Festival II

By Kylie Mocarski, Kelsey Claesson, Colin Mulligan, Zach Miller, Emily Malone & Evan Badley

Through this semester, we have focused on reconstructing and re-launching Fyre Festival II. With an original festival that was a PR disaster, landed founders in jail, and became the pinnacle of ‘what not to do when creating a music festival,’ we knew we had our work cut out for us. Together we created a plan to relaunch the Fyre Festival II as a benefit festival, hoping to change perceptions of the brand and benefit a community that was not only hurt through the original festival process, but has also undergone a severely detrimental hurricane.

MTV’s Video Music Awards

By Dana Harris, Jazzlyn Ortega, Jessica  Delaterra Branda, Jessica Schlimmer & Ofelia Chavez

After receiving consecutive, low ratings in the past three years,  as well as criticism from their recent show in Newark, we would  like to propose a transmedia takeover for MTV’s VMAs to  improve viewership and brand values. This presentation will  not only express new goals for the VMAs brand, but it will  convey multiple elements in achieving these goals via social  media, fan engagement, smart partnerships, and strong  marketing tactics. Furthermore, we will conclude our  presentation with information on why our proposal works for  the brand in the current political and cultural climate of today.  

A Transmedia Film Experience

By Leiloni Braddy, Julia Guerra, Alex Krawiec, Yomarie Llanos & Emily Loder

Our project proposes a multifaceted transmedia campaign which will promote an expanded student film festival at Montclair State University. The campaign targets a young demographic and embodies brand values of community, collaboration, student voices, social consciousness, and an audience-driven mindset. The project revolves around several real-world and digital initiatives that utilize social media, events, merchandise, and more.

College Confessions

By Genesis Obando, Ciara Rolle-Harris, Malinda DiPasquale & Tiffany Moran

Our show details the lives of college students at various schools on the East Coast. It’s a reality show that relies a lot on audience engagement with casting and promoting the show.

Break the System

By Fritz Bautista, Janice Fong, Nicholas Ramos, Kate Burns & Sean Conrad

The purpose of this project is to inform the masses about the relevance of institutional racism, its horrors, and what is the source of the problem. The reach being people who are not informed or do not believe in institutionalized racism.

Mental Health Awareness

By Rebecca Eugene, Carly Henriquez, Dani Romanow, Sean Blair

We want to normalize the realities of mental health. In a lot of cultures, it’s frowned upon to express your emotions and talk about your feelings. By normalizing the conversation we want to make Mental Illness a social norm. We also want to show people that you’re not alone because everyone is going through something.

Guns in America

By Sheyla Baez, Lauren Beckles & Mike Fox

To educate people about how guns have been part of our country and how they are being used for the right reasons.

Student Loan Debt

By Jeff Pinedo, Brian Dunshee, Jacob Hildreth & Eleni Falcon

Our first goal is to bring attention to student debt problem by getting people to talk about and share their stories on how they struggled. Our second goal is to help out students and prepare other students for how they are dealing with their student debt problem by sharing information, statistics, and tips to help them out the best we can. Our third goal is to get enough attention on this problem and hope that someone like adminstiron or people incharge of tuition sees are hashtag, pages or anything we post to bring information to them and hopefully educate them on the problem.


By Heather Berzak, Caira Abdelrahman, Kiani Bonner & Kyle Hughes

MENTAL is a student run mental health project aimed at tackling the stigma surrounding mental health today. Our objective is clear: to educate and promote positive habits aimed at developing a healthy mindset.

Clean Water Now

By Natasjia Taylor, Mackenzie Popielarz, Jessica Vega & Josh Mariscal

We want to raise awareness to the water crisis that is happening, offer solutions to the community affected, and create a community for those directly affected to discuss about their experience.